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Talking About Finances with Your Significant Other

Talking About Finances with Your Significant Other

September 12, 2023

Conversations about money can be tense and uncomfortable, especially when it’s a conversation with your significant other or spouse. Money problems and miscommunications about finances can cause tension and lead to larger issues within a relationship.

Here are some tips for having better conversations about finances with your significant other:

  • Find a Time to Talk - Set a specific time to talk with each other and identify what you want to talk about beforehand.
  • Talk Values, Dreams and Fears, Not Just Numbers - Be sure to set aside time to discuss your values, dreams, and fears. Dreams are particularly important because they’ll help motivate you to think about your finances in light of the future.
  • Talk About Earning Money, Not Just Spending It - Talking about earning money can help you and your significant other discuss your respective incomes and the efforts you can make to increase your total compensation.
  • Be Ready to Compromise - With careful listening and consistent communication, together you can figure out where you each can compromise in order to foster a healthier financial future.

Bringing in a Third Party

Bringing in a third party, like us, can be beneficial to your financial conversations. Schedule time with myself or Anna if you both feel this will be helpful when having these in-depth and essential conversations.

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